Gilles Chabenat - Vielle à Roue

Gilles Chabenat - Vielle à Roue
Photo : Roland MELIN


  • ALBUMS 2009
  Gilles Chabenat - "Madranque" ( Valentin Clastrier)

Royal Albert Hall - Londres

Gilles Chabenat and the
orchestra from
"A Not So Silent Night",
Wainwright family and guests.

Many thanks to Joel Zifkin.
  Trame TRIO - Changer d'Air

Trame Trio Audio


Trame Trio Audio

  • MySpace Gilles Chabenat

MySpace Gilles Chabenat
  • ALBUMS 2008
  Gabriel YACOUB

De la Nature des Choses
(Harmonia Mundi)

  • ALBUMS 2007



Le premier Noel
OUI-Dire/distrib SELECT


Paris / Decombel / Claeys / Chabenat


Live en Flandre (Audio)


Trio Apollo


Adieu les Filles (Audio)

  • Alain Gibert : Trombone,
  • Jean-Paul Autin : Sax,
  • Jean-Luc Capozzo : Trompette,
  • Invités: Géraldine Keller et Gilles Chabenat

Didier François et Gilles Chabenat

  Dans l'Oubli du Sommeil (Audio)
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Gilles Chabenat, Guest Artist of Honor at 2006 Saint-Chartier Festival

A small group of friends once imagined that reality could be as daring as fiction and launched a musical assault on the castle of George Sand’s « Maîtres sonneurs ».  This wonderful dream is now, thirty years later, a unique rendezvous: « The Saint-Chartier Festival ».

For all area musicians, the thought of walking in the footsteps of José and Huriel thus unleashed at that time a joyful, enthusiastic, and contagious mythology. Soon, folks came from all over the world, brought by passion or mere curiosity. We realized that in many other places there were hurdy-gurdies and bagpipes and musicians of all ages to play them, and above all luthiers who were ready to make new instruments.  A special bond was thus born between them as they embraced the new wave of opportunity, dedicating themselves not only to the exact reproduction of period instruments but also to the most unbridled experiments.

Like all of those who played musical hooky, this need to share has been with me since my very first hurdy-gurdy notes. I am thus extremely happy to bring my personal perspective, however limited it may be, to this 2006 edition.

Saint-Chartier has truly become an institution. The new practice of associating to the festival a different guest artist each year brings us back to the original objective of our rendezvous: meeting others.

Gilles Chabenat