Gilles Chabenat - Vielle à Roue



Duo with Patrick Bouffard

Gilles CHABENAT - Vielle à Roue
Photo : Dean Cully

"Here are two French hurdy-gurdy giants (how about the cliché?). They met 20 years ago at a festival, under the corner of a tarp (that’s for the "glamour"  touch) and they ran into each other again last summer in Seattle (this not merely meant to sound good… it is true) for an improvised concert.

In short, two giants, but not the ugly and scary kind!"

2005 Festival Parthenay


Trame : with Alain Bonnin, Piano

Trame is the encounter of two friends with varied musical backgrounds.

It is also a meeting of two culturally-charged symbols : the hurdy-gurdy and the piano.




Trame Trio : with Roger Biwandu (drums)

Gilles CHABENAT - Vielle à Roue
Photo : François Balestrière


Duo with Alain Bruel : (accordion and digital programming)

Gilles CHABENAT - Vielle à Roue

«…a duo, then, hurdy-gurdy and accordion, but which includes electronics and digital programming. However, the acoustic element remains at the forefront and the computer’s presence is limited to illustrating and accompanying in order to emphasize the diversity of sounds. The folk dimension underlies the entire project, which purports to owe its existence to the function of traditional music, the connections it establishes between individuals, periods, and cultures. »

Alain Bruel

Duo with Didier François (Nyckelharpa)

Gilles CHABENAT - Vielle à Roue«A passionate dialog between two  symbols from the French and Swedish traditions : the hurdy-gurdy and the nyckelharpa. A music which is both folk and learned, earthly and spiritual».

Françoise Dastrevigne
(Patrimoine en Musique)





With Jean-Marc Padovani

Gilles CHABENAT - Vielle à RoueL’Arrosoir et le Mirliton :
based on the bawdy songs of the Achille Millien 's collection

Cantilène : with the quintet « chant du Monde », Houria Aichi  et Maja Pavlovska

Le Dit de Jésus-Marie-Joseph :
by and with Enzo Corman

Duo sax et vielle







Les Enchanteurs : with Vincent Mascart (saxophone) and Jacques Mahieux (drums)

Gilles CHABENAT - Vielle à Roue

«An uncompromising trio with an unbelievable richness of timbre. Carried forward by Mahieux’s light and melodic percussion, Mascart weaves the volutes of his saxophone between the archaic albeit ultra-contemporary sonorities of Gilles Chabenat’s hurdy-gurdy. Between traditional and modern art, imaginary folklore and pure abstraction, this trio’s music is characterized by an astounding freshness.»

Stéphane Ollivier







Gabriel Yacoub Trio :with Yannick Hardouin (bass and piano)

Gilles CHABENAT - Vielle à Roue

 «Gabriel Yacoub is the assurance of a poetic profusion that envelopes us and carries us to shores lined with tenderness and affection. His sea melodies express as much intellectual freedom as depth of feeling.»

Le Progrès (11/06)




With Eric Montbel :

Gilles CHABENAT - Vielle à RoueLa Charmeuse de Serpents :

Music, dance, and slide show based on Henri Rousseau’s paintings.

Artistic director: Eric Montbel
With Yvon Bayer, Alain Bruel, Nicola Marinoni, Maud Blanc, Pascal Cacouault, and Serge Ortega








Photo : Anja